// Nha Nac - Recording traditional Vietnamese court music

Wouter D. Snel

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A recording of traditional Vietnamese court music (Nha Nhac) for preservation, analysis and educational use. As this music is still being performed but never properly has been preserved the HMCC is working on transcriptions and analysis of this music. We have arranged recording sessions with two groups of performers at the HTV studio’s in Hue. The recordings have been setup in such a way that we could bring the recordings back to the Netherlands to create two sets of cd’s. The first set of cd’s are stereo mixes which could be used for educational purposes. The second set contains the same pieces of music but with a mixdown on the left channel and the individual instruments on the right channel. This way the researchers and transcribers can switch between individual instruments and their role in the music.

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Hue Monuments Conservation Center (HMCC)
Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU)


Wouter Snel
Erik Schuring


May 2007